Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales



Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales is a concept album which chronicles the journey from nihilism to enlightenment.



- Young & Dumb -


I’m feeling Young & Dumb 

Better than old and numb 

It’s not like it used to be 

There’s nothing wrong with me 

And I’m hanging by a thread 

I’ve come back from the dead 

Until then I’ll sing a song 

Why don’t you sing along with me? 


So Start Again 

We’ll still be friends 

Until the end 

So Sing Along 


- I Grew Up In Front of the TV Too -


I grew up in front of the TV too 

I grew up, yeah 

I messed up like you 


So now let’s watch some South Park 

My dick glows in the dark 

It’s like a lightsaber 

That has a nice flavour 


So now let’s get on Facebook 

Post photo’s my phone took 

So we can be famous 

The world can’t contain us 


In front of the TV 

Climb on the TV 

I’m on the TV!!! 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. 


- Forgot To Forget -


Time to forgive 

Time to forget 

Time to give in 

Time to give up 

Time to forget 


Give in 

But I remember my 


Beautiful girl. 

And when she looks into my daughter’s eyes 

I hope she sees my baby that died inside her 

I can’t revive a 

Sadistic liar 

Because I forgot to forgive 

Forgot to forget 

Forgot to give in 

Forgot to give up 

Forgot to forget 


- Let It Go -


Let it go 

Time will mend 

I believe it again 

Let it go 

Time will mend 

How you feel 


Like the sun through the trees 

Taste of salt in the breeze 

I’ve got the world on its knees 

And how does it feel? 


- You’ll Understand When You Get It -


You’ll understand, understand when you get it 

So understand, understand when you get 


Now what if I told you nothing doesn’t exist? 

It’s just a perfect paradox with a twist 

You’ll find the Diamonds are in the Poor 

And you’ve already got what you’re looking for 


- Harry’s Gone Away -


Leave your baggage at the door 

Realisation hit the floor 

Start again, forget old times 

Write a song, make sure it rhymes 

With the footsteps in your head 

You’re alone, my Grandpa’s dead 

He’s got a pain, that’s in his chest 

He’s only got 2 months at best 


Sound of silence is a curse 

Don’t add noise you’ll make it worse 

Broken glass and butterflies 

Symbolize my family ties 

What’s good for you, it’s good for me 

Short haired stiff, that’s what I’ll be 

Cut my hair, or cut my arm 

Don’t be stupid, don’t alarm 


Harry was born to fly 

And when I get real high 

My feelings touch the sky 

Maybe he’ll drop by 

Then I’ll say Goodbye 


- Golden God -


We don’t even care 

It’s so unfair 

I quit my job 

Now I’m a slob 


But I’m cool with that 

Sleep like a cat 

All day and night 

Call, knock and I might 

Get out of bed 


Doubtful, she said 

We’ll say we’ve gone 

And while they mourn 

We’ll take lots of drugs 

Hedonist thugs 

That’s what we’ll be 

Happy & Free 

Until we’re dead 

Fucked in the head 

That’s what we’ll be 

Happy & Free 


- Sadness is a Primary Color -


Happiness is a swear word 

And I don’t want to lie 

I want to sleep forever 

But I don’t want to die 


Sadness is a primary color


My mother’s new born baby 

Junkie’s willing to pay the price 

While Buddhists use meditation 

Christians bang up Jesus Christ 


- This is Slavery -


Born in a prison, but we think we’re free 

Be what they want you to be 

This is slavery 


What should I do? What should I say? 

Who should I kill? Lost my free will 


Freedom is mine, but I decline 

Find greater good, fuck Hollywood 


- Somewhere You Can Go -


Time erodes what we thought was real 

I’m out of line, how am I supposed to feel? 

If you think you’ve found the only way 

You haven’t heard what God has to say 

He’s living in the palm of my hand 

In Galaxies sprinkled like dry sand 

He’s all across the Universe 

Residing in this simple verse 


Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales 

Sleeping Beauty on a bed of nails 

It’s not the answer, that you’re looking for 

It’s just a story that we’ve come to explore 

I went somewhere you can go 

Down the way to Mexico 

I went somewhere you can go 

Down the way, the Rivers flow 


I’ll heal your wounds and I’ll kiss your lips 

Love pours from my finger tips 

For it is you who I’m searching for 

I’ll keep our vow, 



- The Picture I Can’t Paint -


The Picture I can’t paint 

The words that, I can say 

The colours of glory 

I’ll sing you a story 

From Mary to Jesus 

And all things between us 

The Picture I can’t Paint 

The Words that I can say 

To you 


I Love you, for you 


The Picture I can’t Paint 

The Words that I can say 

A Vision so Vivid 

That God has delivered 

To me