Nirvikalpa meow



Nirvikalpa is a Sanskrit word describing the highest form of samadhi or enlightenment. Thus it is the ultimate sign of respect for Meow.



- About Nothing -


Let’s all get rich & banish poverty  

It’s common sense, there are no secrets at sea  

Our Police are corrupt and they should be ashamed  

They’re like a bad joke, how can victims be framed?  

The lesson I’m learning is that we all should  

Consider the Cops to be armed & stupid  

Forgiveness is hard, but it’s better than death  

Just open your lungs as you take a deep breath  

Ambivalent mind frames and no traffic lights  

Irreverent liars can’t uphold human rights  

And Ice Breaks are cool, so I drink them a lot  

I prefer the new type, they’re called double shot  


Umbilical IPhone's and exceptional hair  

Nature’s our virtue, in kind we repair  

The damage we’ve done and the Karma extolled  

Repentance is swift, the earth’s our voodoo doll  

Humans are dumb, but they deserve to be free  

Realise that love and non-violence is key  

Busk in the glory and sing in the rain  

Dripping with stories, whose secrets remain  

Hidden from sight, sound and taste and from touch  

Walk not by sight, but by faith if you must  


You might be rich... 

But have you got good manners?  


This is the perfect paradox of everything and nothing  

Everything’s experienced by you and a chocolate muffin  

So what are you going to do? And who are going to blame?  

Because no-one really cares at all.  

There’s nothing you can do, and there’s nothing you can say  

There’s nowhere left for you to fall....  

About nothing.  


- It’s a Curse I’m a Saint –  


The Garden of Eden  

In heaven, God’s speaking  

Through my mouth and my hands  

In my mind, master plans  

For freedom, and glory  

To bring forth, the story  

God is not, Religious  

Church can be, Meretricious  

Beholden, blessed & trusted  

The forgiven, unobstructed  

Human can, exhibit  

The light of, The implicit  

Universe, What is life worth?  

Pre-eminent, need for re-birth  

Benighted, Osmosis  

Sadhana, Apotheosis  

Perfect storm, Cold feels warm  

God hears all, God heals all  


Divine hands, define silk  

Inside her, mothers milk  

The feeling, it won’t last  

The reason, obsession  

I was wrong, I recant  

With one click, I repent  

Now naked, & humbled  

Words are keys, my cups full  

So live well, and love life  

Temptation, cannot entice  

Don’t get old, don’t judge me  

Find freedom, Memory  

Perfect Storm, Cold feels warm  

God hears all, God heals all  


It’s a curse I’m a saint, in a field I will wait  

In a dream you cannot, take away what I’ve got  

And in time, we will be, we’ll be fine  

I could tell you the truth, but its power would dissolve,  

As the words left my mouth, North becomes South  

Open Centre, I remember,  



- Vertruvian Men -  


Vertruvian Men, Partners in crime, Tas and Ben  

Flip tricks on, the Vert ramps  

Made the best Pro’s look like Gramps  

Up their sleeves, the main drawcard  

And Tas is, the new vanguard  

Who beat Hawk with his ribe broken  

On top of the world stoked  

Ruach Adonai, the secret place of the most high  

And now I know who I am, on my to Prahran  


But my side is the truth  

Yeah my side is the truth

So here’s the Truth  


On Tony Hawks I’d rather play,  

As Tas Pappas, back in the Day  

The King of Vert, Hawk stole his crown,  

If he had the gut’s, Tas’d taken him down  

But Hawk flew away, When Tas did the time,  

And took the applause  

When Tas got the nine


On the road to salvation, Tas went, through damnation  

All paths, will be made straight, forewarned, of forlorn fate  

They came from St Albans, Rock Stars, prosaic bogans  

The rich Irony, of poor Humility  


- Just Stay Don’t Go -  


I liked the nomenclature,  

Which she supplied  

Her pornographic nature,  

was not denied  

The Vagrancy of Lao Tzu,  


A litany of see through,  

Reticent lies  


- We’re all Watching Everything -  


I didn’t know, so I didn’t care  

Now that I know, I am aware  

We’re all watching everything  


Did you know what to say?  

Did you go did you stay?  

Lord we all ran away  

Because we’re all watching everything  


And those who were first will be last  

Judged by the deeds of your past  

And that which you Trust you will Doubt  

Judged by the words from your mouth  

And that which was yours will be mine  

Judged by the deeds etched in time  

And those who were first will be last  

Yeah, those who were first... will be last  


- Kings & Queens -  


Welcome to my home, an unwelcome host  

The world is in my phone, Gentle as a Ghost  

Deeds of gold hands, covered in snow  

Evaporation, we reap what we sow  

Kings & Queens dressed, in fire & smoke  

Revelation, I don’t get the joke  


Human Dancer  

In the World  



We deserve to burn  


Bleeding seas crown, the tyrants we were  

Dead roses fall down, the debt we incur  

Greedy Thieves no, Human embrace  

So off my face that, I lost my faith  

Disciples of Concern, With Incumbent guilt  

How do we conquer without blood being spilt?  

With breathing and closed eyes, return to the spine  

Pineapple third eye, the secret’s sublime  

Luminal Boom  

Like a Mushroom  

Did I speak too soon?  

Goodbye from the Moon!  

Luminal... Luminal Boom  


- One Fine Day -  


So Connected, yet so alone  

My life revolves, around my phone  

Screens are like, Nipples to me  

Electrical Milk, for my family  

This self induced, Regicide  

Will show me where, your loyalty lies  


Do you think I’m cool?   

Do you think I’m sad?   

Do you think I’m good?   

Do you think I’m rad?  


And when our phones meet, it’s love at first text  

They’ll build a phone house and have baby phones next  

A Cyborgs ear, Periscopic Peace  

Ark was killed, by native thieves  

Glances laced, with patient grace  

His Drawings would, take out first place  

The darkness will, disappear from sight  

Faster than, the speed of light  

Here’s a Nexus Point, Transmogrify  

Antithetical, Like a Butterfly  


I do and I don’t  

I will and I won’t  

I do and I don’t  



I’ll be fine, I'm OK  

I’m not done, One fine day  

If my first, is my last  

Don’t regret, what’s in the past  

Now, I know, I know  

I’ll be fine, Mighty fine  


- Quietly Into The Night - 


And I will not go  

Quietly into the night  

It’s faded, over rated  

Not quite sure, but I’m not gonna go,  

oh no  


The virgin seas  


The part of me  

The family tree  


Cos I will, lock him in the cupboards  

With his hands held high!  

Never gonna stop him and  

You don’t know why!  

Pull the fuckin trigger and  

Give your middle finger  


We’re all gonna die,  

But I will ...  


But if you stumble and you fall  

Just hide out, you’ll find it all  

Cos we might never meet again  

But if you had another chance  

Just find out from a true romance  

As the sky begins to fall,  

But I will ...  


- The Little Don -  


Unbeaten on 63  

It would have been a century  

And what a beautiful cover drive  

Gone too soon at 25  

Sub rosa faith,  

he’ll never die  

With open arms,  

We’ll Glorify  

A man with strength,  

Persisting hard  

Australia lost it’s best card  

Baggy Green upon his head  

The Little Don cannot be dead  

But now he’s, Raising Cattle on the land  

Raise your bat for one last stand  

That’s when I heard the news about Phillip Hughes  


Get up little Champ

Wake up little champ  


So say Hi to Richie and

Give a nod to Don,  

But I wish you didn’t have to go  



And when I drive passed Thistle park  

I see him practising after dark  

He was a batting prodigy  

What a glorious sight to see  

With deft touch he has caressed  

Our mourning hearts have surely blessed  

A man with strength persisting hard  

Australia lost its best card  

Baggy Green upon his head  

The Little Don cannot be dead  

But now he’s, Raising cattle on the land  

Raise your bat for one last stand  

That’s when I heard the news about Phillip Hughes  


- The Diamonds in the Poor -  


The crowd gathers round and it feels like a dream  

But no one’s asleep all these things can be seen  

And I fell to the floor as he spoke with his eyes  

Lost everything, Angel wings hypnotize  

And the feelings serene, lightning bolts in my mind  

I found all the things even God cannot find  

In the Poor  

In the Poor  

Yeah, the Diamonds, in the Poor  

You can search high and low  

Don’t know where you’re gonna go  

‘Cos the Diamonds, in the poor  


We were blind in the night I was led by the ear  

I heard all the things even God cannot hear  

Then my cat scratched the sky, to reveal it for me  

I saw all the things even God cannot see  

And I looked at myself like a Dog in the Rain  

And knew all the things even God can’t explain  

In the Poor  

In the Poor  

Yeah the Diamonds, in the Poor  

You can search high and low,  

Don’t know where you’re gonna go  

Because the Diamonds, in the poor  


Save the Rich, so they can convict the Poor  

Choose the laws, which they want to ignore  

It’s the truth, It’s what we’re fighting for  

Don’t want to live in this World anymore  


- Arkane Bliss -  


Friends make the best, enemies I guess  

It's a pair of ducks, in a truth filled nest  

At a funeral, her seeds have been sown  

And the Happy Prince, is now made of stone.  

It feels like I’ve calmed down  

Maybe I’m coming around again  

Feels like I've calmed down  

Maybe I’m flying round the bend  


Like a bird without a cage  

Like a simpleton turned sage  

In a room without a door  

With a marble tiled floor  

Try release my peaceful dove  

And I turn hate into love  


Whilst Chimera’s burn, Salience glows  

Like Tesla’s dove, and rhyming prose  

It’s funny how, we demonize  

Saviours the most... punish the wise!  

She runs to me, my empyrean  

For in her eyes, Nirvikalpa’s seen....  


It fits  

The Venial Christ commits  

An Alexithemic Kiss  

You are My Arcane Bliss  

Is what it feels like  

Without my wings