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  1. Harry's Gone Away

From the recording Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales

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Harry was an actual cat and he was so photogenically beautiful. Unfortunately it was not his fate to stay on this planet as a cat for a long time.


Leave your baggage at the door
Realisation hit the floor
Start again, forget old times
Write a song, make sure it rhymes
With the footsteps in your head
You’re alone, my Grandpa’s dead
He’s got a pain, that’s in his chest
He’s only got 2 months at best

Sound of silence is a curse
Don’t add noise you’ll make it worse
Broken glass and butterflies
Symbolize my family ties
What’s good for you, it’s good for me
Short haired stiff, that’s what I’ll be
Cut my hair, or cut my arm
Don’t be stupid, don’t alarm

Harry was born to fly
And when I get real high
My feelings touch the sky
Maybe he’ll drop by
Then I’ll say Goodbye