From the recording Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales

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The lyrics to this song came to me like you wouldn't believe one day driving back from Warrnambool.


Time erodes what we thought was real
I’m out of line, how am I supposed to feel?
If you think you’ve found the only way
You haven’t heard what God has to say
He’s living in the palm of my hand
In Galaxies sprinkled like dry sand
He’s all across the Universe
Residing in this simple verse

Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales
Sleeping Beauty on a bed of nails
It’s not the answer, that you’re looking for
It’s just a story that we’ve come to explore

I went somewhere you can go
Down the way to Mexico
I went somewhere you can go
Down the way, the Rivers flow

I’ll heal your wounds and I’ll kiss your lips
Love pours from my finger tips
For it is you who I’m searching for
I’ll keep our vow,